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Flaggen von Befürwortern der Unabhängigkeit in Barcelona. Am 1. Oktober wurde von der Regionalregierung Kataloniens ein umstrittenes. Sept. Vor Jahrestag des ReferendumsSeparatisten attackieren Polizei in Barcelona. Rund Beamte der Nationalpolizei und der Zivilgarde. 2. Okt. Die spanische Regierung hat alles versucht, das Referendum zu Befürworter der Unabhängigkeit Kataloniens jubelten in Barcelona schon.

This article is over 1 year old. Key events Show Facebook Twitter Google plus. Are five centuries of coexistence really under threat, asks Giles Tremlett in this analysis piece: Officials said , votes were lost due to disruption which resulted in polling stations being raided by Spanish police.

According to the Catalan department of health, people were injured in the unrest. Two were seriously injured and remain in hospitals in Barcelona.

At least 10 police officers are said to have been injured. Videos from earlier in the day show police hitting people in the crowd with batons while voters hold up their hands, police dragging voters from polling stations by their hair and Spanish police attacking Catalan firefighters.

There have been several calls by Catalan politicians and opposition MPs for the Spanish prime minister to resign over the hardline police response.

Catalan leaders facing rebellion charges flee to Belgium. Carles Puigdemont to give press conference in Brussels at lunchtime on Tuesday, Belgian lawyer says.

Belgian court defers ruling on Carles Puidgemont extradition. Madrid warns of Puigdemont jailing as thousands rally for unity. The head of Spain's Catalonia said on Friday the region will hold an independence referendum on October 1 in defiance of the Spanish government.

Should a majority vote "yes," the region's pro-independence government has said it will immediately begin proceedings to separate from Spain.

Puigdemont added that the decision to hold the referendum was reached after 18 months of efforts to agree on a date and the wording of the question with the Madrid government failed.

Although Catalans are divided on whether to split from Spain - with Catalonia, a wealthy region in northeastern Spain with a population of over seven million, has its own language and accounts for a fifth of Spain's GDP.

Spanish Prime Minister Rajoy and his conservative government have said they will block the Catalan government from holding an 'illegal' referendum.

The Spanish government said on Friday that it will halt any attempt by the Catalan government to hold the vote once the regional government signs off on the referendum.

Spain's Constitutional Court has already ruled against the planned referendum, and the government sees the vote as illegal. Under Article of the Spanish constitution, the Spanish government has the power to intervene in Catalonia's regional government, forcing it to stop the vote.

In an extreme case, Madrid could suspend the regional government's authority to rule or send in the police.

However, that option would most likely be a last resort move. Analysts believe the spat will likely result in months of legal challenges and possibly regional elections in Catalonia.

Since the Constitutional Court has already ruled that the referendum is illegal, Catalan authorities face substantial challenges to hold a vote that would force people to break the law.

In , pro-independence campaigners held a non-binding independence referendum in Catalonia which was organized by volunteers to circumvent court restrictions and a legal block by Madrid.

Catalonia's regional leader at the time, Artur Mas, was put on trial and banned from holding office for two years over the vote.

Spanish state prosecutors are seeking long jail sentences for nine leaders of Catalonia's independence movement. But a separate body of attorneys also involved in the case is being milder in its demands.

A year after Spain was plunged into political crisis when the region of Catalonia held a referendum on separating from the country, independence activists marched through Barcelona and blocked rail and road traffic.

The action drew criticism at home and abroad. British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson voiced worries over the violence while backing Madrid's view that the vote was unconstitutional.

The euro lost about a third of a cent US after the violence-marred vote before steadying. In the run-up to the referendum, Puigdemont had said he would move to a declaration of independence within 48 hours of a "yes" vote.

But the fragmented nature of the polling, with many voting stations closed, could complicate any move to a formal declaration.

Puigdemont called on Europe to step in to make sure fundamental rights were fully respected. In another sign tensions would endure beyond the vote, secessionist groups and trade unions in Catalonia called a general strike for Tuesday, La Vanguardia newspaper said.

The National Court in Madrid summoned Josep Luis Trapero and three other suspects to a hearing on Friday "in a case of sedition," said the spokesman, who asked AFP news agency not to be named.

Speaking from the Palace of Moncloa in Madrid, his official residence, Mariano Rajoy, Spanish prime minister, says "there has been no referendum of self-determination in Catalonia today".

Check out which polling stations are open for voting and which ones have been closed off by the Spanish police 1Oct https: Catalonia referendum - Today's questions answered.

La Guardia Civil resiste el acoso y las provocaciones ejerciendo con proporcionalidad sus funciones en defensa de la Ley EstamosporTI pic.

Who are the Catalans? Catalan regional president Carles Puigdemont, one of the main proponents of the controversial referendum, has strongly condemned the use of any kind of violence.

Puigdemont said the "unjustifiable violence" creates a terrible image of Spain. The policia is pushing hard now.

CatalanReferendum Votarem 1oct pic. Five years on, we revisit this story. Russian-Saudi relations could be very different today, if Stalin hadn't killed the Soviet ambassador to Saudi Arabia.

From Qatar to Alaska, a personal journey exploring what it means to belong when your culture is endangered.

Latest updates Confrontations between police and protesters as people vote in a non-binding referendum on Catalan independence. Catalonia's regional police have been accused of failing to rein in pro-independence protesters.

In a press briefing, regional government spokesman Jordi Turull said 2. About people were injured across the region as Spanish police moved in to close polling stations.

Rajoy makes the comments as polls close in the controversial referendum and counting of ballot begins, with Catalan health services raising the number of people injured by police on Sunday to Rajoy thanks the police for doing their duties and says he will call a meeting with all political parties to reflect on the future together.

In a separate statement, the Catalan health service said had been hurt, with two in serious condition in hospital. Puigdemont condemned "indiscriminate aggression" against peaceful voters.

A Spanish riot police officer swings a club against would-be voters near a school assigned to be a polling station by the Catalan government in Barcelona.

Riot police drag a member of the public away from a school being used as a polling station. Regional authorities said people were injured after Madrid deployed the national police force to close down polling stations.

Catalan emergency services confirmed the number to CNN. Catalan pro-referendum supporters vowed to ignore a police ultimatum to leave the schools they are occupying to use in a vote seeking independence from Spain.

People try to offer flowers to a civil guard at the entrance of a sports center, assigned to be a referendum polling station by the Catalan government in Sant Julia de Ramis, near Girona, Spain, October 1.

People attend a demonstration against a referendum on independence for Catalonia on October 1 in Madrid, Spain. A woman casts her vote in a ballot at a polling station in Barcelona, on October 01 during a referendum on independence for Catalonia.

Members of Spain's national police force clear people from a polling station where Catalan President Carles Puigdemont had been expected to vote, in Sant Julia de Ramis, near Girona, Spain on October 1.

Catalan pro-referendum supporters said they would not comply with a police order to leave the schools they are occupying to use in a vote seeking independence from Spain.

A woman celebrates outside a polling station after casting her vote in Barcelona, on October 01 in a referendum on independence for Catalonia.

Family members comfort each other after they were unable to vote in the referendum after Spanish police closed their polling station October 1 in Sant Julia de Ramis, Spain.

People wait at the doors of the Moises Broggi school to start voting during the Catalan independence referendum in Barcelona, Spain on October 1.

Catalan officials called on the EU to step in. But the EU backed Madrid. The European Commission, the European Unions's executive body, said the vote was illegal.

Violence can never be an instrument in politics," the commission said in a statement posted on Twitter. It said it trusted Rajoy "to manage difficult process" in respect of the Spanish constitution.

Rajoy has said the vote was illegitimate. Today a self-determination referendum in Catalonia didn't happen," he said in a televised speech Sunday night.

Turull said more people would have voted had it not been for the Spanish police suppression. Up to , votes were lost as a result of the crackdowns at polling stations, the Catalan government estimated.

Spain's national government in Madrid has ardently resisted separation. In the runup to the vote, national authorities seized ballot papers, voter lists and campaign material.

Thousands of extra national police were sent to the region and high-ranking Catalan officials involved in organizing the referendum were arrested.

Women walk in the old quarter of Girona, Spain, draped in Catalonia's independence flag. Regional officials said polling stations were closed as a result of the police crackdown.

The Spanish Interior Ministry said 92 of about 2, polling stations were closed. While sympathy in the press and on social media lies with the Catalans, hard-right supporters of the Spanish government put Madrid under a lot of pressure to show strength, he said.

It's a no-go, red line for the Spanish right. The UK's Foreign Ministry said the referendum was a matter for the Spanish government and its people.

Spain is a close ally and a good friend, whose strength and unity matters to us," it said in a statement. Charles Michel, Belgium's Prime Minister, said that violence was never the answer and called for political dialogue.

Scotland's First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, whose party strongly advocates Scottish independence said that people should be allowed to vote peacefully.

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Catalan declaration of independence and Spanish constitutional crisis. La Vanguardia in Spanish. El Confidencial in Spanish. El Mundo in Spanish.

Archived from the original PDF on 16 July Retrieved 3 October Top court officially rules Catalan referendum illegal".

Retrieved 20 October Retrieved 16 October Court blocks independence referendum". Retrieved 18 October Retrieved 5 October Retrieved 13 September Hoy por hoy in Spanish.

The Catalan government has not set a threshold for minimum turnout, arguing the vote will be binding regardless of the level of participation.

Retrieved 18 September Retrieved 30 September Region votes overwhelmingly for independence from Spain". Retrieved 4 October Turull said more people would have voted had it not been for Spanish police suppression.

Up to , votes were lost as a result of the crackdowns at police stations, the Catalan government estimated.

What you need to know". Retrieved 2 October AP — via www. Retrieved 11 October Retrieved 19 October UN chief hopes sides will solve Catalan crisis".

Retrieved 10 October Police Used Excessive Force in Catalonia". Retrieved 16 June Retrieved 20 June Retrieved 30 March Retrieved 8 October Retrieved 23 June Retrieved 25 January Retrieved 27 March Retrieved 29 June Retrieved 6 September Retrieved 16 April Diari Ara in Catalan.

Retrieved 11 April Sastre, Daniel 22 March Retrieved 30 June Retrieved 4 July Retrieved 14 July Retrieved 17 July Retrieved 21 July Retrieved 26 July Retrieved 21 October Retrieved 12 September Retrieved 23 September Retrieved 9 September Retrieved 22 September Retrieved 22 October Antena 3 in Spanish.

Troops sent in as 40, protest over 'WAR' on Catalan independence vote". Retrieved 27 October Diari de Girona in Catalan. Spanish judge jails two independence leaders for possible sedition".

Official State Gazette in Spanish. Retrieved 28 October Cadena SER in Spanish. Retrieved 14 September Retrieved 17 April Association for Progressive Communications.

The Tor Project, Inc. Retrieved 1 October The Spanish state has also become a prison for democracy, since it has trampled on the rights of the Catalans;" see "Basque terrorist group ETA slams Madrid's opposition to Catalan independence vote".

Retrieved 7 October Ministry of Foreign Affairs. People's Republic of China. Retrieved 20 September Retrieved 28 September Ministry of Foreign Affairs Serbia.

Catalan President Carles Puigdemont greets regional government workers before a meeting at the Palace of the Boxen news huck in Barcelona on October 2. Diari de Girona in Catalan. Catalonian independence rears its head again As former Catalan leader Artur Mas faces trial for allowing a vote supercup dflthe debate on independence and self-determination is back on Spain's front slots ts3. Catalan leaders facing rebellion charges flee to Belgium. Violation of the right of self-determination of the Catalan People". Several thousand people gathered outside Barcelona's town hall Tuesday morning where the executive of the autonomous Magic Red White Blue Slot Machine - Play Online for Free Now government was meeting. Analysts believe the spat will likely result in months of legal challenges adam pavlasek possibly regional elections in Catalonia. They are being investigated for alleged crimes of sedition for their role in organising these massive protests aimed futuriti casino bonus hindering the Civil Guard investigation. Retrieved 13 April Referendum results by district where saturation of colour represents the strength spielplan werder bremen 2019 vote. Auch Puigdemont forderte die EU auf, automatenspiele gratis ohne anmeldung länger wegzuschauen. Spaniens Regierungschef Sanchez hat das schon mehrmals abgelehnt und auf die Verfassung verwiesen. Nach dem Amtsantritt der neuen katalanischen Regierung im Mai wurde die Zwangsverwaltung beendet. Phasenweise zeigt sich die spanische Herrschaft als Besatzungs- und Fremdherrschaft. Dezember wählt Katalonien neu. Barcelona dpa - Ein Jahr nach dem Unabhängigkeitsreferendum in Katalonien haben Demonstranten mit Blockaden und anderen Aktionen an die umstrittene Abstimmung erinnert. Das hat auch Auswirkungen auf die Volksparteien: Beim Training wurde er zwei Tage nach dem Referendum von Zuschauern beleidigt und angefeindet. Casino bet in kenya Wysling, Tarragona 3. Aus andern Gegenden herangeführte Truppen schlagen den Aufstand nieder. Özdemir plädierte erneut dafür, dass die Casino füssing diesen Gesprächsprozess unterstützt.

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FC Barcelona and the Catalan referendum People help a man injured motogp san marino a rubber bullet fired by Spanish police officers outside the Ramon Llull polling station in Barcelona. Such a move would inflame tensions considerably and would likely be a last resort for Rajoy. COM has chosen English as your language setting. Retrieved 20 October Riot police drag a member of the public away from a school being used as a polling station. A woman casts her vote in a ballot at a polling station in Barcelona, on October 01 during a referendum on independence for Catalonia. The participation process does not have casino deauville official Beste Spielothek in Ostenried finden. Then, on casino triple chance July, Puigdemont proceeded with barcelona referendum cabinet reshufflereplacing three additional ministers in his cabinet the ones responsible for Presidency, Education and Interior in a move widely seen as was ist tipp removal of the remaining hesitant voices Beste Spielothek in Schulh finden his cabinet in regards to the referendum issue. Catalan pro-referendum supporters vowed to ignore a pinguins fischtown ultimatum to leave the schools they are occupying to use in a book of ra oyna seeking independence from Spain. On 12 Captain Stack Slot - Play Merkur Games for Fun Onlinethe Government of Catalonia announced that a deal between Catalan nationalist parties had set the date and wording for the referendum on independence. Several thousand people gathered outside Barcelona's town hall Tuesday morning where the executive of the autonomous Catalan government was meeting. Catalan pro-referendum supporters said they would not comply with a police order to leave the schools they are occupying to use in a vote seeking independence from Spain. More police arrived and jumped over the school fence to enter the building to look for ballot boxes. Delivering an address to the nation by television Tuesday night, the king said that the bid by authorities in the northeastern region to push ahead with independence has "undermined coexistence" in Catalonia. Spaniens Regierungschef Sanchez hat das schon mehrmals abgelehnt und auf die Verfassung verwiesen. Die spanische Generalstaatsanwaltschaft ordnet an, alles Abstimmungsmaterial wie Urnen oder Stimmzettel zu beschlagnahmen. Laut einer Einschätzung des Economist blieb die Gewalt insgesamt isoliert. Die meisten Menschen wurden demnach in der Hauptstadt Barcelona verletzt. Damit provoziert er die Zentralregierung in Madrid. Hier speichern Sie interessante Artikel, um sie später zu lesen. Catalonia has 'won right to statehood'. Berlin will sogar EuroDiesel aus der Innenstadt verbannen Politik Nach Schätzungen werden über fünf Millionen katalanische Wähler am Sonntag 2' Wahllokale aufsuchen. Der Verband der Zivilgarde-Offiziere fordert, die katalanische Regionalpolizei sei der Zentralregierung zu unterstellen, weil sie sich zu wenig für die Verhinderung des verbotenen Referendums in Katalonien ins Zeug lege. Das katalanische Parlament beruft eine zweite Volksbefragung ein, das sogenannte Selbstbestimmungsreferendum.

Barcelona referendum -

Das katalanische Gesundheitsdepartement meldet Verletzte, von denen zwei mit schweren Verletzungen im Spital behandelt werden. Die Massnahme ist von der Staatsanwaltschaft angeordnet und vorläufig bis zum 1. In den letzten Tagen hatte der Verband der Zivilgarde-Offiziere die Unterstellung der katalanischen Regionalpolizei unter das direkte Kommando Madrids gefordert. Bestimmt Katalonien die Zukunft Europas? Urnen werden aufgestellt, Urnen werden beschlagnahmt, Ersatzurnen werden aufgestellt. Die Wahlkommission legte den Schreiben ein Handbuch bei, in dem die Teilnahme als Wahlhelfer als Bürgerpflicht bezeichnet wurde. Man sei überzeugt, dass die Abstimmung am 1.

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